Long Jack XXL Price on the Official Website of the Manufacturer

The price Long Jack XXL in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda and also Ghana are shown in the table below.

Long Jack XXL: Prices at Pharmacies

Due to limitations in charging the exact prices set by manufacturers, retail pharmacy chains develop their own markups based on a variety of factors. The cost elements incorporated into such markups include: rental costs or lease payments for store space, expenses related to general store upkeep and function, costs associated with returned products, and fees incurred when products are passed through distributors prior to reaching store shelves. Deviations from manufacturers’ listed retail prices occur because pharmacies are unable to strictly adhere to the original cost structure imposed by supplement makers.

LongJack XXL: Manufacturer’s Official Website Price

The manufacturer maintains a transparent pricing policy and does not apply any undisclosed additional fees or commissions to the product  as well as the price of each package is clearly stated in the currency of the countries where the pills is available. Thus the actual cost of Long Jack XXL is standardized as follows:

Сountry Standard price New price -50% Sale
Nigeria 60000 NGN 29999 NGN + Free Shipping
Kenya 12600 KSH 6300 KSH + Free Shipping
Uganda 338,000 USH 169,000 USH + Free Shipping
Ghana 938 GHS 469 GHS + Free Shipping

What is the Price for a Full Course?

Typically, the Long Jack XXL enlargement course requires 2 to 3 packages to complete, but when factoring in the cost of a single package, the full course is considerably less expensive and more efficient than surgical options.

Finding the Best Quality and Price

We recommend that you exclusively purchase only genuine products. An authentic and superior quality solution is worth its cost as it provides a permanent increase in penis size in just one course and enhances overall sexual satisfaction. This supplement is both safe and effective, and its usage does not produce any adverse effects.

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60000 NGN

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